A Day Without Packaging is a Sticky Situation

It’s easy to take for granted all the packaging that make our lives so easy. Let’s bring it into perspective. Imagine all packaging magically disappears! So what, you say? How bad could it be? Actually, pretty bad! Let’s take a look at a typical shopping trip in a world where nothing is pre-packaged. By the time you’re finished, we bet you’ll be glad that Bauderer Packaging is on the job.

First, better load up your car with empty bottles, bags, boxes and other containers for the items on your shopping list. Yup, that’s your responsibility. Better plan carefully because if you don’t, some items might not make it home.

Produce and Deli Selections

As long as you brought enough bags, the produce section is not too bad. Of course, if you want your lettuce pre-chopped, you’ll have to stuff your own bag from an open bin. Looks kind of wilted and brown, does it? The deli section is where we start to have a bit more of a problem – no pre-sliced cheeses or lunch meat. No pre-sliced anything. You’ll have to stand in line for the person behind the counter to slice everything and wrap it in that nice white paper. Well, that’s not too bad. Take a number – #398. Now serving – #102. You might be here a while.

Breakfast Items

Planning for tomorrow’s breakfast? Yummy. Did you bring some newspaper or other materials to cushion your eggs? Oh, and where’s the bacon? Not carefully wrapped in a display case, that’s for sure. Back to the deli counter and take another number. No? How about cereal for breakfast? Scoop your favorite out of another bin (gee, they all look alike) and measure it out into the container you brought. Hope nobody sneezes in this aisle! Line up in front of a barrel to pour some milk into one of your bottles. Did you bring a stopper? Darn! Better not fill it up too full or it will be sloshing all over your car.

Hitting the Bottle(s)

Speaking of bottles, I’m sure you thought to bring enough for juice, water, soda, beer, wine and spirits not to mention shampoo, floor cleaner, drain opener, dish washing soap and mouthwash. You sterilized them all before you came, right? Oh, and don’t get them mixed up. It could be dangerous.


The snack aisle is a little crowded. It takes time to find potato chips and pretzels in the bins that aren’t broken into tiny little pieces. And hey, where are my lime-coconut-sea salt-jalapeno gulten-free quinoa chips? Sorry. Bulk containers don’t leave a lot of room for variety. That’s why the open ice cream tubs only contain vanilla and chocolate. They look more like vats of milkshakes than a frozen treat.


All frozen foods are really tricky. You might have to chip individual portions out of one big block of ice. And don’t forget to write down the instructions on how to prepare it in the microwave (on your own plate, of course.) Watch those swinging ice picks…and that puddle! “Clean up in Frozen Foods!”

It’s a long walk to the checkout counter. With all the items being stored in bulk, the average grocery store covers about 5 acres. Oh, and every bag has to be opened to determine its contents and then weighed before it can be priced, so it’s going to take awhile.

Now it’s finally time to go home. Watch that speedbump! You really should have remembered the bottle stoppers!

Back to Reality

What a nightmare shopping trip that was! Luckily for all of us, Bauderer’s food packaging capabilities ensure that when you do visit your local grocery store, you will find a wide variety of items on the shelves that have been packed and sealed in special clean rooms for your safety and convenience. No bulk bins, no hassle and no mess. In the real world, Bauderer takes care of the packaging details. You can just quickly fill your cart and be on your way. Thank goodness!