Meet Jose Diaz: Production Manager Extraordinaire

Jose Diaz has worked in the food production industry since he was 18 years old. While holding the title of Production Manager for a pizza packaging company, in reality he found himself allowed very little input. He had some great ideas on how lines function and wanted to work for a company where he could put them into action. When he heard about the opening here and met Bob Gonnella, Jr., our Director of Operations, he had a feeling he would get his wish. Jose was hired as a Senior Supervisor, but was quickly promoted to Production Manager

Freedom of Action

With Bob, Jose found a mentor and partner who showed him the ropes and then trusted him to use his best judgement in day to day operations. On any given project, he will have 50-200 people on his team. Much of his job consists of scheduling the crews and setting up lines to meet the day’s deadlines. Bob lets him make the decisions, but is always available for a word of advice. Jose likes the independence of “making things happen” and enjoys using his imagination to create the lines. He may be juggling 10 tasks at the same time, but he gets to do them his way.

The Hours Fly By

Jose supervises both the day and night shift, splitting his time between them as customer emergencies emerge and new lines are needed. Although a skilled supervisor, his new job requires him to interact with customers on a regular basis. Determining what it is they really need sometimes calls for reading between the lines, a new talent which he is rapidly developing. While all his responsibilities can make for long hours, Jose says he becomes so involved with each challenge that it’s time to go home before he knows it.

A Growing Business

Jose loves the entire atmosphere here at Bauderer. His last company was large and a little impersonal. Jose enjoys being part of rapidly growing operation that has more of a “team” mentality. “It’s fun being part of the development process,” he said. “Knowing that your contributions really matter and you are helping the company build for the future.” 

Family Time

When not on the job, Jose enjoys throwing the football around with his son and spending quality time with his daughter. Like most diehard Bears fan, he has high hopes for the new season. (“Hey, if the Cubs can do it…”)