Consumer Demand Drives Move to Resealable Stand Up Pouches

It’s safe to say that stand up pouches are here to stay. From a mainstay in the candy industry, stand up pouches are now making inroads into areas that were once the domain of “heat sealed bag-in-a-box” products such as dry cereal. There are many reasons why their popularity has grown so rapidly, not only with producers and retailers, but consumers as well. But one of the principal advantages is resealability. Why? Here are some examples. 


Closures like zippers or sliders keep food fresh and extend its shelf life. That means less food waste and more value for the consumer. Soggy chips and limp lettuce gets tossed in the trash can, and at today’s prices, that’s like throwing money away. It’s not good for the environment either. The average person living in the United States wastes more than a pound of food every day. Not only is the food wasted, the resources that went into producing it are squandered too.

There is evidence that resealable flexible pouches have lower energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste generation than the bag-in-a-box design. That makes sense when you realize that half the packaging (the box) is eliminated from the start.

Portion Control

Want to share those gummy fruit snacks? Stand up pouches make it easy to pass around the joy and then retain freshness for later. Fumble the pass to the back seat? No need to worry about the “5-second-rule” when the product is sealed for protection. 

In the home, bulk food products in resealable pouches make it easy to remove the amount needed for a recipe and seal the rest for a guaranteed fresh round of ingredients the next time they’re needed. 


Tired of searching for those little plastic chip-clips or twist ties to seal a conventional heat-sealed bag? Zippers or sliders are built in. And do you have a whole cabinet full of empty plastic containers that take up a lot of space until they’re needed? No transferring bulk products (and cleaning up the spills afterwards) with resealable pouches. And resealable pouches take up a lot less space.

Peace of Mind 

What you see is what you get. That’s why many resealable pouches are transparent or come with windows. Consumers don’t have to take anyone’s word on content freshness when they can confirm it with their own eyes. They can also easily monitor usage at a glance and ensure that the item finds its way onto their shopping list. That ensures the retailer a timely resupply sale. 

How We Can Help

We focus on contract packaging solutions that provide your customers with what they love. Our equipment (including scale fillers, auger fillers, volumetric fillers and more) can package a wide variety of formats, including clear bags, printed bags, window bags or whatever your custom design requires. Our pouch formats (HFFS and VFFS) come in zipper, stand up, gusseted and pillow. 

The best food packaging solutions take quality into account every step of the way, protecting a manufacturer’s product while also serving the needs of the customer. At Bauderer Packaging, we believe quality never stops improving. We know that your brand’s reputation is in our hands, and we take it seriously.

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