How We Can Make Your Product POP at Point of Purchase

Do you have problems getting your merchandise to stand out on the shelf? We’re not surprised. 

Classes of grocery items that used to take up a single shelf or two in a store can now take up an entire aisle! Your product can easily fade right into the clutter and be hidden in plain sight.

Numerous studies have found that too many variations of an item can overwhelm customers. Instead of welcoming the variety, they can actually go into a “shopping stupor” and tune out. Bewildered, they often grab the first suitable item that comes to hand, or if their state of frustration is high enough, postpone the purchase until the next trip.

Naturally, for a better bottom line, you want to bring the buyer’s focus back to where you want it – your product. How can you do that? The key to standing out on the shelf may mean getting OFF the shelf altogether. 

POP Out of the Crowd 

Once delegated to the cash register zone, point-of-purchase, POP displays, are now finding their way into every part of the store. The idea is to place a single choice of a product into a stand-alone display and place it in a high traffic area in the middle or end of an aisle. Ideally, the unit will be located before the general shelving area for that product category. In that way, the item has already been seen, selected and placed in the cart before the shopper is bombarded with product overload. 

POP Up the Value

POP displays can also be an attractive solution for other marketing challenges. If you have an innovative product, the store may not even have a location for it. POP displays can create you own little aisle right in the middle of the store. This can be vital if you are trying to gain traction in a new market. Trying out a new flavor in a limited run? POP displays can gain you “shelf” space even if their there is none available . 

POP Displays

We provide assembly of display units for manufacturers, retailers, big box stores and other spots where point-of-purchase systems are in high demand. Our POP displays are professionally assembled and delivered on time to their destination in a wide range of formats. We currently supply displays for all industries, including club stores, grocery, drug, hardware and convenience stores. Get in touch today so we can help you make your retail sales POP!