Packaging Trends You’ll See in 2019

What’s will consumers see this year as they walk down the aisle of their favorite retailer or fire up the computer for some online shopping? Here’s some of the trends predicted for 2019 from packaging and marketing professionals. 

Flexible Packaging

“High amongst the advantages of flexible packaging is that it is easy to transport and store. Flexible packaging also generates less of a carbon footprint than some of its packaging alternatives, as a single truck of unfilled flexible packaging is equivalent to 26 trucks of unfilled glass jars. Finally, flexible packaging materials are easy-to-use on the go, thereby working well with products where convenience is an important purchase factor.”

- - -Ludmark

Protecting the Taste

“Grocery Shoppers care about the freshness and taste of their food and beverages, and they have clear views of the role that packaging should play in delivering these attributes. Shoppers feel strongly that taste should not be compromised or altered because of its packaging. According to [our] study, 76 percent of grocery shoppers say that when they are shopping for healthy beverages, packaging that ‘doesn't impact the taste’ is extremely or very important to them.”

 - - - Evergreen Packaging

Intelligent Packaging

“This type of packaging design uses near field communication (NFC) tags or radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips to engage the consumers through their smartphones. This technology will provide customers with the detailed product information such as originality, stock availability, real-time offers, virtual labels, etc. It is gaining so much importance that experts believe it to be the next future of the packaging industry.”

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Customer Options

“Today’s wide range of buying choices has brought forth a consumer desire to have a say in every product feature, including packaging. Giving customers the option to select less packaging, reusable packaging, frustration-free packaging, and so on will gain in popularity.”

- - - Small Business CEO

Transparent Packaging

“People love being able to see what they’re buying, especially when it comes to food. When shopping for food products, approximately 30% of consumers tend to judge a product’s freshness by the way the product itself looks rather than its use-by date. Even outside of food packaging, we think transparent packaging is going to be big in the new year.”

- - - Litpac